CSR & Go-Green Initiatives

Vintage Denim Factory has a catalogue of CSR and Go Green Initiative Policies based upon its


ECO Friendly & Recycling

Today’s textile world has been engulfed with humongous quantum of controversial aspects, slashing the market structure time to time. The primary of such is non-eco friendly production system in the country.

Vintage Denim Factory however, managed to overcome such controversial aspects through its rather broader innovative motives. The yield of VDF products are purely branded with the eco-friendly ingredients or commonly termed with Go Green with guaranteed no carbon footage and sustainability.

Supports Farmers and Weavers

VDF principally supports farmer and weavers in India, there hence circulating the countries growth rate globally. Also the raw materials used for such manufacturing processes are chosen obstinately in India.

The company has been developing the relationship of Mutual Growth by not only providing employment opportunities at a larger scale, but also persuade its employees to take up the responsibilities and thus propelling their future to a new horizon of leadership.

Prevention of Child Labours

  • Women empowerment
  • protection and prevention of child labour
  • educational initiatives
  • recycling, energy conservation
  • tree plantation,rain water harvesting
  • naturally ascertained packing materials are purely encouraged by Vintage Denim Factory.