Denim Sourcing & Buying Services

Denim Design and Creation:

You grow, we too grow and let the country grow

We take care of all critical aspects of the denim supply chain management – Product Development and Denim Manufacturing – from sampling to delivery, developing and maintaining excellent value and quality.Together with our customers, we develop core product and specialist ranges, offering adjustable lead-time and competitive pricing by working with manufacturers initiating best practice in India.

We are a highly technical company with the ability to handle denim shirt and jeans development and manufacturing.

Denim Product Development:

Our clients establish the style, purpose and role of each garment and the stresses and strains each type of denim product will undergo, creating denim clothing lines specifically to their needs.

We then translate their ideas into finished products, handling carefully all aspects of sample creation such as fabric sourcing and development, lab dips, decoration and finishing techniques, prototypes and sales samples.

We work from samples, drawings, or specifications and will need as much of the following information as possible

Sample or line drawing; size ratio and range; fabric and weight seams, colors, labels embroidery, prints, washes, packages

We then proceed to make samples garment prototypes in “like” fabric for fit and construction. Customers are able to see how the products will actually look, making adjustments, and asking for further samples as necessary, before samples are signed off for production.

We will confirm a price consistent with the sample we provide. If changes are to be made, price is subject to modification accordingly.

Denim Production:

We have considerable experience in managing denim apparel contracts from start to finish, using local resources. Our process typically includes vetting factories, negotiating prices, monitoring production and quality standards.

We are recognized for offering a high level of production and quality reporting; both are integral parts of our in-house processes ensuring that all orders are delivered on time and according to customers exact specifications. We are used and pleased to work to a time schedule and an agreed critical path procedure.

Quality Assurance:

We monitor quality at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Initial Production

During Production

Final Stage Ramdom Inspection

After ensuring that products respect all customers specifications and standards, the goods are dispatched.

Production Process:

PATTERN - Each design starts out as a concept sketch on paper, which takes into account our customer's desire for a contemporary spin on classic designs. The pattern comprises around 20 individual parts, which are drawn by hand and cut out with precision.

SAMPLE - The pattern pieces are traced onto the denim selected from our premium mill in Turkey and cut out with sheers. Our seamstresses are then put in charge of constructing a sample jean under the guidance of our Cambodian Production Manager.

WASH - After the sample jean is made, it is sent to our organic washhouse. As the fibres in the denim contract after the first wash, the grading process is affected by the wash. Further treatments may also be applied to achieve a specific effect.

DEVELOPMENT - Once the washed sample jean has been worn, tested and critiqued, adjustments are made and further samples are produced. This process allows us to adapt the pattern, fabric and wash until we achieve the perfect jean.

PRODUCTION - When the sample is approved, the jean goes into full production. Each sewer is assigned a specific function, from making belt loops to stitching pockets, but rotated to ensure she is skilled in every aspect of jean making.

QUALITY - Every stitch, rivet, belt loop, label, zipper and button is meticulously reviewed to ensure it is of the highest standard. It is then pressed, folded, packaged and shipped to you.